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About Us

High Class Services Ltd is one of the most trusted privately owned construction specialists in England with years of experience. The Company has been involved in the design and construction of some investment developments in England, including private buildings, commercial, retail, leisure and public service properties.
Our Specialist areas include but are not limited to: Building, design, construction management, refurbishment and fit-out, mechanical and electrical services, civil engineering, ground engineering and rail engineering.

Incorporated on the 22nd of June 2005, the Company’s strength and success is due to a unique blend of multi-disciplinary, modern professionalism and traditional family values as well as exceptional customer care. We offer clients the accessibility and innovation of a private firm with the expertise and resources of a national corporation.

High Class Services Ltd delivers integrated services, from initial design conception through to environmentally sustainable construction. Our services are tailored to the needs of each individual client as well as the required life performance cycle of each individual building we are responsible for. We also consider environmental and ecological factors when working on a new project.

Well-known and respected across several market sectors, High Class Services Ltd offers an extensive range of construction services from building and design to rail engineering.
We are strongly differentiated by the breadth and depth of our expertise and knowledge of the markets in which we operate around the world. We believe being able to offer professional services as part of a comprehensive service to customers improves our competitive position at the highest possible quality.

Prior to the start of a project, we work with the client to determine the risk assessment for example if it can be built, the problems that can occur and the type of design that is suitable for a particular environment. Furthermore, we ensure the project is economically suitable for the budget the client has but our priority is to deliver a project at the most cost effective price without compromising quality.

We evaluate all potential life cycle costs of the building and recommend materials that will provide maintenance free solutions. We assess planning and building requirements to highlight and design out or minimise any risk. We aim to listen attentively to the needs of the clients and work diligently with them to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We aim to give an estimated time for complexion of any project and we try as hard as possible to work within the time limit without compromising the quality of the project in order to build customer confidence.

High Class Services Ltd has extensive experience of all forms of standard and bespoke construction procurement contract. We operates all standard forms of contract. Our support services business provides ongoing operation and maintenance of assets after they have been constructed, together with business services outsourcing. Support services comprises our utilities, facilities management, rail renewals and highways management activities. High Class Services Ltd maintains specialist Management Contracting teams with the wide range of skills required to successfully manage and deliver multi million pound projects.

Although we try to assess thoroughly from the pre-construction stage, there are unforeseeable circumstances which may arise. We inform clients of any delay to the project and any cost increase as soon as we are aware of any developments.

Over time, we aim to develop the business internationally, of similar scale and depth to our UK business through strategic alliances with local partners.

We believe the key to success is the quality of customer relationships and the ability to provide continuous improvement for customers, to build partnerships that broaden the scope of contracts and extend them through renewals.